Solutions to problems come in many different forms and image integral has seen many of them before. Often the answer is simply a clean sweep, with the introduction of automated systems to manage the day to day filing, general office data management and regular reporting. The Pegasus database is specifically created to do just that…

A bespoke application built to your particular business requirements.

The shared storage within a busy office can become cluttered as computer files are stored quickly and temporarily, with the full intention of filing them properly later – but then forgotten. At a later date, frustrated searches can often result in tasks having to be performed all over again; what would normally take one minute can often take ten!

Many offices wish to enhance their working practices, but due to time limitations or lack of knowing where to start, these projects are left for another day.

Sometimes it takes a fresh eye to see what is in plain sight, to know what can be done and what tools and procedures can be used to rectify a situation. Reorganising, streamlining and introducing efficiency’s into an ailing office is a breath of fresh air for a struggling team, and could be a lifesaver for the department or business.

image integral has experience of working within departments; assessing the work flows, suggesting changes and if necessary – introducing solutions to enhance efficiency. We can centralise information for easy retrieval by introducing a multi-user database; a bespoke application written specifically for that business.

If you have an image integral website that collects client data, then the Pegasus database is an ideal way to store that data for your back-office team to utilise.