Stage 1    –    PLANNING

The process normally starts by looking at your existing work work routines and what processes are involved. This will need to be duplicated on your new database. Any new requirements for the future can be discussed for later integration into your new system. This may involve a number of phone calls and/or emails between us during this stage.

*Your new database will need to be stored on a server/shared storage location. All client applications (users) will need access to this central location.
But don’t worry, we can talk to your IT people to discuss the details.

Stage 2    –    DESIGN

If you have any legacy data from an old database or system then this is the time to send us a copy/sample for importing into your new database.

We’ll use this data to construction a basic version of your new database.


Stage 3    –    PAYMENT & BUILD

At this stage you make your first monthly installment (Standing Order). Work can then continue on the structure of your database.

We will at some point set up a viewing of the database in it’s part-completed form. Further tweaking can be performed before stage 4*.

*Depending on the complexity of the objects/set-up of your new database; we will give you an estimation of how long the project may take, this could take up to 3 months.


Stage 4    –    INSTALLATION

The new database is then installed at your office location for your team to test and become familiar with navigating around to access the (non-live) test records.


Stage 5    –    GO-LIVE DATE

Once you’re happy with the database, we would then transfer all your legacy data over to the new database. It can then be considered live on that day.

Further structural design changes can continue in the form of version-upgrades.