Simple basic website formats

These are a great way to get on the web quickly and affordably. It could be for your fledgling business or a personal website to display your qualifications and download your CV. If you just want a static information site then go for Static. If you need a little more richness and colour or perhaps occasional changes to your website – then go for a Media option.


Hosting SiteStatic

£15 per month

Simple informational / textual only website

About us/what we do/supply, Address/Telephone details page

Any further changes to the site are via invoice (at our hourly rate).


Hosting Site – Media

£20 per month

As above, plus; Graphics, Images (can be some of your own your photos)

Contact page (receive visitor queries directly from your site to your chosen email address, can be read on your PC, Laptop or Mobile)

Any further changes to the site are via invoice (at our hourly rate).


Hosting Site – Media plus

£25 per month

As above, plus; Google map(home/office location)

A short Video

Social Media icons (x2) linked to your profiles

Document files (x3) stored on your site (downloadable by you or your visitors)

One update included per quarter(every 3 months) for changing/tweaking the content of your site. Yes, we know people like to tinker.



All three Hosting Site types above are stored on our secure UK Equinix cloud storage servers.


If you already own a domain name and want to use that for your new site then that’s fine.