Web Consultancy


This is personalised support directly with your very own Web Consultant for help, advice and support for your image integral website and it’s web activity.


If there’s an aspect of your site; Social Media, interactions with your clients or the World Wide Web in general – then your Consultant is at hand to research the available options and describe the solutions in a jargon free way.

Simply pass on your requirements to your image integral Consultant – leaving you to focus on what you do best.

If you’re running a business then your website is representing you – it should be functioning 24/7 and up to date. Your Consultant will keep tabs on your site, and in those rare occasions when a site is down for hosting maintenance – your Consultant is the first to know and monitor the situation, taking action where required.

It’s also great to air your ideas with someone who can research the possibilities and solidify them into workable plans.

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