image integral takes the technical burden from its clients, allowing business owners and organisations to focus on what they know and do best.

Hi, I’m Phil and I run the day-to-day techy stuff at image integral. After 20 years of IT data processing for large private sector companies, I decided to launch my business back in 2012 and love working directly for my clients. My work is now a close relationship with the organisations and people I serve, and the excitement of new projects never fails.

When I first started in IT back in 1988 (processing payroll data on an IBM mainframe) the buzz in the office was all about the new ‘Data Protection Act’ which was coming into force that year. It was quite a big thing even back then, and over the decades since we’ve had a number of iteration changes to the same policies. But ever since that first year – I’ve never forgotten the importance of protecting client data and safeguarding all confidential information. I follow the guidelines and rules relating to the most recent update: ‘General Data Protection Regulations of 2018’.

Over the years many people have asked me how Information Technology functions, and more importantly; where it’s going. I guess I always find ways to best describe how multiple-systems operate together, how they integrate to form the services we see about us today. Finding the clearest way to describe a technical operation, in simple non-jargon terms, has always been my aim.

The focus of my work is to bring businesses and non-profits into the 21st century, helping them utilize technology that is the mainstay of larger organisations today. Most average offices already have the right tools and platforms, in the form of PC’s/Apps/software/web browsers etc, to allow for amazing things to happen – but lack the know-how to utilize what they already have.

I design, develop and administer a bespoke database system (Pegasus) that allows business teams to streamline their activities. It introduces leaps in efficiency, speeding up regular tasks and daily processes. Over the years, I’ve witnessed many businesses struggling along with multiple Spread Sheets, Word documents and various files, with no clear procedures (a newbies nightmare!). Every minute spent searching for data or going through a lengthy regular routine/task is a lost business time-investment. I’ve been aghast at what I’ve seen, as many of these tasks can be converted to a simple one-click operation. Imagine what can happen once an automated system comes on-line; the teams are at first disorientated, require training and familiarisation – but once acquainted they soon realise the advantages and future possibilities to streamlining their every-day routines. Once the Jeannie is out the bag…!

Where needed, I also plug organisations into the world-wide-web, allowing them to take advantage of greater expression and engagement with existing (and future) clients. Busy businesses require active dynamic websites; they are the showroom and front door for what we do, produce and deliver professionally – we forget them at our peril!

I tend not to advertise, and rely instead on word of mouth through quality personal service recommendation (as you may have guessed, it’s the reason why you won’t find my contact number on this website). I aspire to deliver my clients more than they originally expected. Unlike most IT Developers who just sell ‘Products’ like databases and websites, which I do not – image integral’s focus is ongoing ‘Service’ relationship.


Business hours: 10am to 12noon – 1pm to 5pm (Monday to Friday)

Based in Hitchin, North Hertfordshire (A1 Junction 8  /  M1 Junction 10).

Fast trains from London Kings Cross or Finsbury Park Tube to Hitchin: 25 minutes (trains run every half hour).

Please note:- if I’m in transit, I may not hear your call due to loss of signal. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that I don’t answer calls when driving or during client meetings, but I do check messages on arrival at my destination and after meetings so I’ll get back to you asap. If it’s urgent, then please follow your agreed escalation process (check your website’s ‘you-page’). Thank you.

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