We’ve found that most businesses have a short list of specific needs for their data. At the heart of every Pegasus database can be found these core capabilities…

Organizing – All your client details into one secure place; enabling centralized information for fast and easy retrieval. A forgiving environment; records can be resurrected if deleted in error (within a specified time period). Records have a unique identifier, normally a client ID number (no two are the same). Store documents/letters relating to a client. Quick and handy summary graphics, like pie or bar charts; to help you get a feel of the overall picture and allow you to ‘read the story’ of what your data is trying to tell you.

Miss nothing – Add reminders to the system for a particular process that needs performing in the future, perhaps to; refer back to a client, send a package/letter/email.

Login IDs – The requirement of login user ID’s & Passwords unique to each person that accesses the database. The ability to have certain processing areas of the system off limits to regular users, perhaps only accessible to you or your chosen manager(s).

Audit Trail – An internal background log showing you additional information, such as; what user entered the system and what processes they ran and when. Graphics, showing you who uses the system the most – great for work flow analysis.


Outside of the above, the bespoke requirements for your business are then added. We need to look at your business environment and working day practices, engage with your team, discuss the way forward and start building your Pegasus database.


With your database installed, what will your team do with their new found time?

What could your business further achieve?

Advantages of an installed database system

Very quick and easy to find information.

Can store many thousands of records.

More than one person in a team can access the same database at the same time; multi-user-access.

Better security than paper files or spreadsheets.

Records within the database –

  • Can be added easily, edited or deleted.
  • Can be searched, eg find… ‘Robert Jones’.
  • Can be sorted, for example into [date first entered], [Date joined] or [Date of birth].
  • Can produce one click reports, for example a letter or email to customers that their renewal is due.
  • Great for mail shots.