Knowing how your website is performing is like knowing how your child is doing at school.

Are they progressing and heading in the right direction?

You need to be aware of the same information for your website. With this refined picture you can fine tune your site towards your target audience.

We’ll set up your Analytics for you.


You could have a report sent to your chosen email address on a regular basis, updating you with site activity statistics.

  • Regular visitors 45% 45%
  • New visitors 55% 55%
  • Average time browsing 25% 25%
  • Visitors this month 82% 82%

Track and learn from how your visitors behave and how they find you.

Totals / Percentages / Figures and Graphics.

This is an invaluable tool for monitoring what’s actually happening at the business-end of your business website.


  • How many potential client’s visit your site?
  • How long were they browsing your site for on average?
  • What were the top pages they visited most often?
  • What areas/countries do your visitors view your site from?
  • Did they view your site on a mobile device: phone/tablet?
  • What were the most popular search terms used to find your site?
  • Have they viewed your site before?
  • How do visitors ‘flow’ through your site (what did they click on next)?