Online Fees

Website Build The initial design, build & implementation of your site – Please contact us to discuss your project.
Post Build Work Any future request you make to change your site – This is any work requested by the client after the initial building of the site; the Go-Live date. (If you are a registered Total Admin customer, then build work is incorporated)


Additional options

Domain NamesLike the post/zip code for your home – We strongly advise you to purchase your own domain, this makes it truly your ownership. As an image integral client; we can set up the domain for you, link it to your new image integral website and hand the controls back to you. We would then advise you to change the password on that account.
Blog Admin Latest blogs on your front page – Monthly £50. Show your latest Tweets on your website when ever you want, 24 hours a day. This is a great way to interact with your customers on a daily basis. 



Service options

Total Admin is the most cost effective way to keep your site maintained. All of the above three services combined (this also includes your annual Hosting fee and personalised support)

Note: All Services must be processed by monthly Standing Order