We store our client’s online resources on secure cloud storage servers at a state of the art UK Equinix data centre.



The data center is strategically located close to available power, fiber connectivity and key PoPs. The facility has a dedicated dark fiber ring of approximately 93 miles interconnecting it with its partner data centres LD5 and Telehouse Docklands, equipping it with the resiliency and high performance it needs to provide its users with near limitless bandwidth availability.


A purpose built sub-station provides reliable grid power to the data center which is further supported by 2 static diesel generators, each capable of supporting the entire data center continuously in the event of a main’s failure. Each piece of equipment is fed from 2 separate UPS clusters as part of the 2N architecture, preventing any single points of failure to provide uninterrupted uptime.



Network security is provided by Juniper and Cisco industry standard firewalls.  Tried and tested in live environments.

The data center is equipped with a 9.8 foot perimeter fencing, electronic access control, 24-hour on site technicians and no third party colocation.

The data centre is ISO9001 compliant, ISO9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 accredited.