The growth in mobile web browsing is increasing every day.


Google Website Analytics show very clear trends that visitors are moving towards using mobile devices to view websites over traditional laptop and desktop computers.

Having your website fully enabled for Mobile phones & Tablets has never been more important. Websites must be ready for the avalanche to come, regardless of whether you are looking for global exposure or simply local trade.

Future proof your website.


In a dense, 87-page report, Morgan Stanley analysts have charted the most important online trends and predicted the future of the Internet. In addition to forecasting more online shopping and showing the geographical distribution of Internet users, the study also shows a dramatic shift toward mobile web use. Including devices such as the Kindle, the iPhone and other smartphones, web-enabled tablets, GPS systems, video games and wireless home appliances, the growth of the mobile web has been exponential — and we’re still just at the beginning of this cycle. Morgan Stanley’s analysts believe that, based on the current rate of change and adoption, the mobile web will be bigger than desktop Internet use by 2015. Read further…