Release some of your new-found energy with Social Media. Each time you pull on your Billabongs, step into your Reefs and don your Maui Jim’s – think of a subject around your area of business that you could briefly discuss in a blog.


What could you Tweet about? –

Choose subjects about your business and keep it casual, just as if you were talking with one of your clients.

Keep it short and concise  – remember, if you’re using Twitter then your limited to just 140 letters anyway (including any links).

Give advice, but also aim to find out what areas people might want to know about.

You want to be the first point of call for your clients to turn to for advice about your business.

Find out what’s happening out there by doing a Google search on your area of business.

Ask yourself what you would find interesting to read and be kept up to date about.

Make visitors aware that – if they ‘Follow’ your business, then they can receive updates and reminders directly to their mobile phone and be the first to know.

How often? –

Aim to Tweet at least once a month.